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Building a better society, together.

Aiming to unite the Denver community in a multipurpose collective space that cultivates connection and creativity, while nourishing the mind, body, and soul.

The three elements of Society cater to patrons wishes for nourishment, wellness, work, play, and community.


Architectural renders and progress photos

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Get Involved

Society is currently hiring for 60+ positions, including managers, front-of-house, back-of-house, yoga teachers, herbalists, workshop presenters, artists, and more.

At Society, we encourage the participation of our community and offer a platform for sharing. Interested applicants can email their resumés, ideas, and concepts to , or fill out this form below: 


A fully organic restaurant by Thrive, a top 10 restaurant in CO, plus an additional grab & go cafe.


An oasis-inspired restaurant offering the highest quality organic, plant based food. The menu will highlight seasonal, nutrient-focused offerings and small plates with eclectic flavor profiles.  Thrive will also include a street-facing grab & go cafe, and in-house brewed beverages from the on-site jun (honey wine) brewery.  A highlight includes Dinner Theatre nights, where coursed meals will be accompanied by unique performance art showcases featuring live music, aerial dancers, burlesque, belly dance, and more

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DJ at Work

By day, you can find an inspiring hybrid social lounge & co-working space to gather for a meeting, work on solo projects, or meet with friends for a cocktail in a creative and inspiring environment.


At night, it transforms into a dazzling event space and music venue featuring a variety of unique and intimate experiences such as live music, rotating art galleries, pop-up markets, paired with a high-fidelity sound system and state of the art production.


A tranquil wellness space with an array of holistic offerings. The movement studio will host a variety of classes such as yoga, dance, flow arts, guided meditations, sound baths, and workshops.

  The bodywork suite provides a space for massage therapists and body/energy workers to offer their modalities on a rotating cycle.


The apothecary will offer various hand-crafted herbalism products alongside a relaxing lounge space to enjoy healthy snacks and house-made herbal elixirs from trained herbalists between classes. 

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About Society Denver

Society Colorado is a multipurpose collective that serves home to the intersection of food, entertainment, and wellness.


Our mission is to create a cultivated creative hub that nourishes celebration, inclusion, meaningful change, and genuine connection. Society will be home to Thrive, a dine-in restaurant, grab & go café, and an on-site jun and cider brewery. Vibe is the event space, flex social lounge-co-working space, and rotating art gallery. Society also features Alive – an herbal apothecary, elixir lounge, movement and workshop studio, and body work suite.


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Corey Jacobs


With a deep passion for nutrition, Corey began his journey a decade ago exploring the sustenance within raw, organic, plant-based cuisine. While studying under a variety of seasoned artisans and connecting with Michelin Star chefs, he found that his true teacher was the process of growing food itself. In 2015, he founded Thrive Superfoods in Boulder, CO. Throughout the next 6 years, Corey’s attention to detail, unique menu curation, creative approach to palettes, and focus on nutritional offerings proved successful with Thrive being named one of Colorado’s top 10 restaurants by National Elite in 2018. In addition to his true love of nourishment through superfoods, Corey received a degree in audio engineering and has practiced as a certified massage therapist and reiki master for 11 years.


Iman Haidar


Iman is a multidisciplinary director working in creative arts, science, and wellness. She has operated as an herbalist, biochemist, creative director, entertainment liaison, designer, brand ambassador, performance coordinator, and artist over the last decade. Iman double majored in Biochemistry and Integrative Medicine at the Metropolitan State University of Denver, then went on to pursue the Medical Herbalism program at The Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism. She has co-operated two successful movement based entertainment companies, as well as The Wilds Craft, a pop-up herbal elixir bar. A naturally creative and passionate leader, she has worked globally, directing large-scale productions at events such as Burning Man, Tipper & Friends, and TomorrowWorld. She is wildly passionate about creating multi-faceted events and looks forward to curating Society as an intentional community space.

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